1. TIMEBIO has revealed the working mechanism of two kinds of exosome (HAXsome & TEXsome) through basic research and animal testing.

TIMEBIO has found that HAXsome and TEXsome effectively inhibit and control perivascular infiltration (PI). Many papers have reported that PI are not only deeply related to stroke, Alzheimer but also skin dermatitis.

1) Immune modulation

2) Genesis signal

Expect immune modulation, TIMEIBIO also found HAXsome and TEXsome produce genesis signals, which are like the primary signals during embryo development, and these signals restore damaged blood vessel, cell and tissue. In particular, as recently reported in NATURE, injured neurons regress to an embryonic transcriptional growth state which means that genesis may be crucial to the treatment of brain diseases.

2. TIMEBIO is working on the development of new biomedicine based on HAXsome and TEXsome technology to heal aftereffects of stroke and cerebral hemorrhage, moderate Alzheimer’s and various dermatitis.


Stroke is the most representative disease of cerebrovascular disease and is divided into cerebral infarction or ischemic cerebrovascular disease caused by clogged blood vessels and cerebral hemorrhage caused by bursting of brain blood vessels. Stroke and its aftereffects are a significant economic burden not only for individuals and families but also for the nation. TIMEBIO is studying hemiparalysis and general paralysis caused by stroke and developing advanced HAXsome therapy for stroke.


Alzheimer, which is the most common form of dementia, is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that usually starts slowly and gradually worsens cognitive functions including memory. Although some research has been done on Alzheimer, early diagnostic methods and treatments have not been developed. TIMEBIO is on the step in R&D of Alzheimer diagnostic kit using HAX profiling, which can predict the risk of Alzheimer, and also developing advanced HAXsome therapy for Alzheimer.


Skin is the largest organ of human body and it plays important roles in our daily life. As people are most responsive and concerned with skin troubles, skin conditions are very closely related to the quality of our life. TIMEBIO focuses on the development of science-based TEXsome solutions for maintaining healthy skin and ultimately for setting people free from skin concerns.