Although a lot of research is being conducted, aging of the human body is still a mystery as it is a complex biological process. TIMEBIO has discovered HAX-3 cell, which is related to aging, for the first time in the world while studying the mystery of aging and found that HAX-3 cell plays key roles in anti-aging and disease treatment. Especially, TIMEBIO named the exosome secreted by HAX-3 cell HAXsome and hold the clue of HAXsome for brain diseases. TIMEBIO will accelerate the research on HAXsome to apply it to the treatment of brain diseases.

In addition, TIMEBIO also developed TIMEBIO Progenitor Cells(TPCs) and named the exosome secreted by TPCs TEXsome. TIMEBIO is pushing forward the research and development on exosome therapy for dermatitis such atopic dermatitis, eczema.


At present, TIMEBIO has achieved expected results on embryonic exosome characterization and mechanism study and confirmed its possibility for clinical use. Furthermore, TIMEBIO is pushing forward the R&D on two topics. Firtst, establish cell lines for the production of embryonic exosome. Second, develop cutting-edge technology to control the size, secretion concentration and molecular information like protein and RNA of embryonic exosome by applying physical and chemical method on cell line culture system.